Back Office

Trinvent provides end-to-end solutions for businesses searching for back-office facilities that account for a large percentage of the workload that needs professional personnel, reliable processes, and benchmarked distribution mechanisms that aim to connect client resources.

Data Entry: we manage all official data in a coordinated way. We provide data entry services for various sectors, such as banking and finance, insurance, education, telecommunications, government and public sector, real estate, etc.

Data extraction: processing a huge volume of data is not a cakewalk. Data helps you make critical, reasonable, and strategic business decisions and therefore needs to be handled by a competent and committed team.

Data Enrichment: The real problem begins when data is extracted from multiple sources, as multiple and incorrect entries will transform the table upside down. Enrichment of data guarantees precision and integrity so that you can rely on the data to make the right business decisions.

Data Conversion: The availability of data in a format that is compatible with your business operations is important, no matter how vertical your business is. To make this possible, companies rely on data conversion services that are essentially designed to turn unorganized information into easy-to-access and reliable data.

Payroll Outsourcing Payroll outsourcing and accounting services enable companies of all sizes to free up precious time and money. It was a misconception that only existing businesses with a larger workforce would reap the benefits of outsourcing their payroll activities.

Over the years, also smaller companies and start-ups have recognised the value of outsourcing their payroll and accounting activities. 

Transaction processing & management services: Transaction processing & management services allow companies to meet a few of the requirements required to survive in the throbbing competitiveness of the business world. Managing monetary transaction processing is important for streamlining many other processes in your business and providing satisfactory services to your customers.

Catalog Management: Catalog management is a dynamic mechanism that allows suppliers to broadcast changes in prices and products as well as to launch new products in a timely manner. This is a critical operation, and you need qualified professionals to manage it. Hiring full-time staff for this role would definitely not be a smart idea; instead, you should consider outsourcing it.