Banking & Financial Services

Banking and financial services provide a broad range of tools to help banks change their operations, resulting in enhanced customer experience, better performance, optimized operating costs and new opportunities.

We constantly deliver excellent services within the ambit of regulatory requirements and further our technology is well equipped with the privacy protection of consumers

We deliver a wide range of solutions in a highly safe environment. We provide strategic automation, standardisation, and process improvement to some of the leading financial institutions and banks, helping them improve productivity.

Account Opening/KYC: Through a careful approach, we ensure the resolution of Account Opening and KYC in India at the first point of touch. Customer Support & Grievances backlog – handling routine KYC data and paperwork management, frequent evaluations, refreshes, remediation, and increased emphasis on higher risk entities to reduce the possibility of regulatory non-compliance.

Collections & Recovery: Collections & Recovery at Trinvent sit at the end of the credit risk life cycle. The goal of Collections is to enable consumers to return to financial health and at the same time reduce their credit losses. Our Collection Services in India services goods such as consumer and industrial loans, cards, and secured loans.

Digital Servicing is a multi-skilled helpdesk that deals with modern-age digital technologies with customer experiences ranging from simple web problems to troubleshooting complicated incidents across different channels such as phone, chat, and email.