Research & Surveys

Through our highly qualified and skilled people, we are able to perform market research surveys across various channels, such as mobile, Internet, mail, or a smart combination of these. Using our advanced skills, we create our own scientific testing methods, including but not limited to the production of questionnaires, survey design, statistics, programming, and data analysis.

Survey design strategies – We aim to produce a good number of market research responses and to adopt the best practices in the implementation of surveys. Our survey designers keep hold of the form and format of the survey, which guarantees the accuracy of the answer in the marketing research survey.

Utilizing the Internet – Internet market analysis is a strong tool for the maximum number of respondents. Carefully controlled online surveys and email surveys are approached favorably by respondents relative to conventional snail mail approaches. You may also use market research paid surveys where the expert panel of respondents can provide serious input on your survey questions.

Telephone surveys – Telephone surveys promote rapid data collection as there is one-on-one interaction with respondents. Trinvent will be assigning a trained team to conduct the survey and collect the data.

Targeting respondents – Effective surveys are never a simple question-and-answer process. We are able to produce the most impressive results by targeting respondents on the basis of specific consumer demographics, such as gender, age, occupation, place, industry, and other characteristics and personal habits that influence market participation.

From the overwhelming amount of concrete evidence that we obtain from our analytical research methods, we can devise the right marketing and sales plans for your unique needs as a company. You can never go wrong with future decisions because we have hard, logical proof to support each of them.